Nota Peribahasa Dan Simpulan Bahasa


Nota Peribahasa Dan Simpulan Bahasa
1️⃣ 此为授课教材,故内容摘自网络,内容有更改作为课堂授课教材。
2️⃣ 为避免篡改以作其他用途使用,故此放上水印。
3️⃣ 教材内容谨代表各人看法与意见
1️⃣ This is a teaching material, so the content is taken from the Internet, and the content has been changed as a classroom teaching material.
2️⃣ In order to avoid being changed for other purposes, a watermark is put on it.
3️⃣ The content of the teaching material represents my own views and opinions
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