40 Grammar Worksheets (Tenses) 英文动词时态基础 (笔记与练习)


✅ 适合3-6 年级的孩子来巩固与提升基础英文语法
Suitable for year 3-6 students to improve their grammar
41 pages (15 pages notes, 20 pages exercises, and 6 pages answers)
✅40个不同练习,学习各个基本时态的Positive (He dances), Negative (He does not dance), Question (Does he dance?)
40 different exercises for students to practice the correct uses of tenses for positive/affirmative, negative and question form.

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动词时态有很多种, 例如:现在式Present tense, 过去式Past tense, 未来式Future tense, 完成式Perfect tense。。



I eat. 我吃。He eats. 他吃。

I am eating. 我(正在)吃。

I ate. 我(过去)吃。I was eating. 我(过去正在)吃。

I have eaten. 我(已经)吃。

I will eat. 我(将会)吃。


eat / eats / eating / ate / eaten 都是“吃”,什么时候该用哪个?








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