How to set your linked products for upsell and cross-sells?

When add new product, you will see this setting named ‘Linked Products’. This is for you to set your linked products for upsell and cross-sells.

About Upsells

Upsells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product. For example, products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive.

Below is an example, this product is about learning cards. After upsell setting, it will recommend the others learning cards below product description with the title ‘You may also like’.

When customers view this product, he/she will be linked to others products which you are upselling.

About Cross-sell

Cross-sells are products which you promote in the cart, based on the current product.

Below is an example. After the customer add the product in the cart, he/she will seen the product which you promote in the cart with the title “You may be interested in”.

These are the ways to link your products and promote them.

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