How to get Free Gift(s)?

We have over 60 Free Gifts in our Gift Shop. The Free Gifts are useful notes and exercises which are not for sale. 

Who can get Free Gift(s)?

For those who had purchased over RM50 at LaoShi Workshop, you can request a Free Gift for every RM50.

For example, RM50 = 1 Free Gift; RM100 = 2 Free Gifts.

How to request the Free Gifts?

You can view the Free Gift samples by clicking the code with green button. After confirmed you want to redeem it, you have to fill up the form at the bottom of the Gift Shop page.

Below is the form looks like.

After sending the request, admin will verify the request and send the Free Gift(s) to you by email within 24 hours.


I hope this article helps you.

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