How to Buy Worksheet?

Step 1: Click any entrance to enter

Step 2: Sign Up

Step 3: Register as a customer

Step 4: Log in again from the verification email

Step 5: Click 'Shop' to shop or use 'Search for products'

Step 6: Click the 'Cart' icon to keep the product in the cart

Step 7: Click 'View Cart' or 'Checkout'

You can add more than 1 product or more than 1 vendor’s product in the cart too. Then checkout if you have finished shopping.

You can apply coupon and points if you have.

Step 8: Place order

  1. Fill in the billing details
  2. Tick or untick the first statement.
  3. Read the terms and conditions and tick it.
  4. Click ‘Place Order’ to confirm your order.

Step 9: Choose a payment method

  1. Fill in your contact information
  2. Choose payment method: Credit Card, FPX, Boost, TouchnGo
  3. Pay the amount 

Step 9: Go to 'My Orders'

  1. Click ‘My Orders’ at the right corner dropdown.
  2. Click ‘View’ according to your order.

Step 10: Download and done

Video Tutorial

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