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Since 2012

What is “laoshidehua”?

“laoshidehua” is Chinese PinYin “lǎo shī de huà” from Chinese word 老师的话.

  • 老师 = teacher(s)
  • 的 = ‘s
  • 话 = words/speech/speak/say

「老师的话」 means ‘Teachers Say”

Why “laoshidehua”?

Characteristics of teacher are

  1. they have life experience;
  2. they have deep knowledge;
  3. they have passion and desire to share with others.

So, here is a not only a marketplace for teachers, but also a sharing platform for teachers to share, to encourage, to help students and adults in their life.

What is LaoShi Workshop?

LaoShi Workshop is company name which launched on 22 September 2020. This workshop is welcoming all the teachers from all corners of the world to create values to learners. For examples, create curriculum products, create sharing contents and selling teachers need, etc.

Our History

2012, 27 Dec: Share teachers’ words on Facebook Page

2017, 27 Dec: Sold the first Chinese worksheet on Facebook Page

2020, 2 Mar: Created a team 

2020, 1 Apr:  Launched laoshidehua.com

2020, 22 Sep: Launched a company named “LaoShi Workshop”

2021, 7 Jul: Grand opening multivendor marketplace

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If you are not our seller/ vendor yet, you are most welcome to join our worksheet marketplace.

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